My Life Story in Perfumes

While there are plenty of women who prefer to not wear perfume, most of us out there love adding that last satisfying spritz before we head out the door to face the day. Smell is one of our strongest senses; how many times have you smelled something and it immediately brought back a memory?

With that in mind, I wanted to re-visit my perfumes throughout the years. One whiff of any of them, and it takes me back.

The Pre-Teen Years: Clinique Happy


Oh man. What girl didn’t own this perfume as their first “sophisticated” scent? I remember going to the Clinique counter to purchase this. This was the perfume our mothers let us wear to school, to dances, to the mall. One whiff of this citrus-y, bright perfume and you can’t help but feel, well, happy.

High School: Chanel ChanceJoop All About Eve


Here we enter the big time. I distinctly remember buying this on a Carnival cruise in the duty free shop senior year. While I made many questionable sartorial decisions as a 17 year old (knock-off designer bags, ties as belts, popped-polo collars, to name a few) this perfume was not one of them.  Equal parts warm and lightly floral, this perfume made me feel sophisticated.


Oh, this perfume. I loved this one, and I still love it. In high school we had a German exchange student live with our family for 6 months. Not only did I get a second sister, I got a glimpse into European fashion trends. She gifted this perfume to me, and before long, I was wearing it every day. In fact, until I knew that you could buy this scent online, I hoarded it, not knowing when or where my next bottle would come from ( I have since bought it twice, both in duty free shops in foreign countries). Sultry, with a hint of floral, this scent is alluring and addictive.

College: Vera Wang PrincessJean Paul Gaultier ClassiqueTocca Stella


Sophomore year of college I studied abroad in Melbourne, Australia for 6 months. After being forced to unpack half my suitcase by my mother (apparently you do not need to bring 10 pairs of shoes with you halfway across the world, but I digress), I also had to decide which one bottle of perfume I would take. Princess won out. Now whenever I smell its playful, flirty scent, I am immediately transported to adventures down under.


One of the friends I made in Australia always smelled amazing. No, scratch that, intoxicating. I finally drummed up the courage to tell her (is there a way that isn’t weird to say that to someone?) and she told me her signature scent was Classique. Once I was back stateside, it made it’s way onto my Christmas list. Fast forward to 2016, and it is a little hard to track down, but once you do, trust me: you will wear it on heavy rotation. Almost masculine in it’s first note, it then becomes deliciously floral as it settles into your skin.


During the last few years of college, this became my signature (and it’s still in rotation today). Slightly sweet, never bitter, Stella is sultry. It makes you want to lean in close and breathe deep.

Post-college and “adulthood”: Thierry Mugler AlienChloe Roses De Chloe


This is the perfume I get inquiries about all the time. I first smelled it one of those sample pull out pages in a magazine. When I kept the magazine way too long just to keep smelling the sample, I knew it was time to bite the bullet and purchase it. The best part? It comes with a refillable bottle, so once you’re out, just bring back your empty and fill up for a lot less.


I first received this as a sample in my Birch Box. After I used it once, and realized I was smelling my wrists all day, I knew I needed the full size. These aren’t your grandmother’s roses. Feminine, light, and oh-so-romantic, you’ll love this one.

Do you wear perfume every day? Have a signature scent? Sound off below.


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