Mastering French Girl Hair

Clémence Poésy

Never has there been a better time to care so little about your hair. Let us back up: there’s being a slob, then there’s having tousled, textured, voluminous, feathery hair. I think we can agree we all want the latter. But how do we get it? Look no further then the French. Besides doing just about everything better, they always leave us super enviable of their locks. Want the secrets? Keep reading.

Love Thy Natural Texture


Got curly hair? Wavy? Straight as a pin? Good! Keep it that way. French women find beauty in so-called “imperfections”. Being perfect is boring. Embrace the hair your momma gave ya. Find products suited for your hair type, and don’t fight nature! Keep the wave in your hair, define your curls. If you have stick straight hair, find a good pomade to add texture to the ends. The trick here is not to mask your hair, but let it shine through.

Wash Less


This is when dry shampoo will become your best friend. Washing your hair less means more natural oils are produced, which means less styling products are needed, which ultimately means less buildup. Infrequent washing (some women can get by with 1 wash a week) leads to amazing texture, piece-y strands that fall just so, and and an overall sexy vibe. A cult favorite dry shampoo is Pssst! Instant Dry Shampoo. At $6.99 it won’t break the bank and trust us, it works.

Resist the Dye 


Hear us out. How many of us have been dyeing our hair for YEARS, only to wish that we could just go back to our natural color? The hair color you were born with really does look best. If you embrace your color, perhaps with some subtle, hand-painted highlights or lowlights, you’ll only be enhancing it, not covering it up.

Keep It Simple


This last one is easy: forego the adornments. Let your hair stand alone, with a devil-may-care attitude. Trust us: people will do a double take.

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